The World is My Rival, Spuyten Duyvil Publishing, 2018.


"homewrecking is different from housebroken" in inter|rupture, issue 21

"all of us are disappearing all the time" in Luna Luna Magazine

"Pantone 292" in Vinyl

"For Ivan Who Dreams of Elsewhere," "With Change Machine & Pearls," "Spoiled in Six Ways," and "Chill" in Barrelhouse, Issue 15: Riots Issue

"Rock Salt" in LEVELER

"Bright Red Bit" in Rattle #43

"by my tears, I create a story, I produce a myth of grief..." in NO INFINITE #4, Election Issue 2016

"I Am Not Fluent in Any Languages," "The World is My Rival," "My Body is What Ails Me," and "Elegy" in H_NGM_N #16

"The White Diamonds are a Necklace of Feathers," "Attila," and "Beard Island: Population 1," in The Knicknackery, Issue 2, Summer 2014

"His Legends Were Like Unicorns" in InDigest #21

"No Bulls in the China Cabinet" in inter|rupture, issue 3, October 2011

"super-continent" in Glass: A Journal of Poetry, Issue #2

"scissor in my spit" in Diverse Voices Quarterly, Vol. 1, Issue #1 & 2


10+ Questions series with MassPoetry

Fine and Funky Culture: Interview with Editor-in-Chief of Redivider with The Review Review

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